Gold jewellery

I have to admit that gold jewellery is something for which I have a certain reserve, because gold is not look good at everyone. It is by far the most expensive metal next to platinum, but it is not exactly reflected in its aesthetic value.

Gold falls back into favour, so perhaps we will see it more often on the runways, on celebrities, and eventually on the streets soon.

Gold advice:

  • Plain white blouse and a black skirt can be smart and elegant if you add gold to this outfit- it becomes extremely glamorous and fashionable. However, for those who does not have practise in wearing gold and matching it to suit, I suggest delicate gold chains with small tags of gold rings.

  • I would advise you not to wear gold earrings, because they are out of fashion, unless it’s white gold.

  • Gold necklaces or bigger jewellery made of gold, you should wear only to evening gowns in the black, red or green colours.

  • We should wear gold jewellery with elegant suits and white shirts.

Gold facts:

  • Even if gold is unfashionable now, it still has healing properties. Immediately after forging ears, you should start to wear gold earnings, because thanks to gold the holes will quickly heal.

  • Gold is recommended in Barley eye treatment- if you have this disease, you should rubbing your eye with the gold. In that way you can heal an inflammation, but you must be sure that this is a real gold.