In this section I boast about my own works and I tell you a little bit more about many different types of handmade jewellery.

Ethnic and handmade jewellery have enormous popularity last time. Everyone who wants to be fancy has to wear such things in that style.

Ethnic jewellery

This kind of jewellery is really often produced by hand and the main materials used in making such things are goods of nature. We can find there a wood, flax or cotton thread, leather straps or dyes (often produced in home according to strict rules knows for generations).

This jewellery has one characteristic feature- it is often refer to traditional folk patterns or is associated with the design of the Slavs, the Vikings and Celts (varies by region of the world).

Modern handmade

Nowadays, it is very popular to produce an original jewellery in our own hands. On the market there are more and more shops where you can buy the necessary equipment (when I started I had to buy everything abroad). Now, the most common uses are cured resin, in which you can literally drown everything and each piece of jewellery it is unusual and unique. Also, frequently used material is glass and stone.

More advanced people are trying to make gold and silver jewellery and some of them comes out really well.

As promised in the introduction, You can find some of my best work below.

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