How to choose a wedding rings?

One of the most important thing during buying wedding rings is their durability and longevity. They symbolize undying love so they have to have high quality.

Silver: no!

Firstly, I advise you against silver wedding rings. Silver is a soft material and it can easily bend or destroy.

Gold classic

Gold is the best and the most classic choice. Why? Because in a reasonable price you can get rings that will serve you to the grave and even much longer. If you really do not like a yellow colour, no problem- you can buy gold in white or red colour. The best idea is to buy wedding rings with the hallmarks of gold 750 or 585.

Platinum luxury

Nowadays, platinum is the most expensive and precious metal in the world. It is also extremely durable metal. Platinum wedding rings because of its colour are an ideal alternative for those who thought about silver wedding rings. Platinum wedding rings could be very expensive. The best hallmark is 950.

Titanium innovation

Recently, titanium triumphs on the wedding ring’s market. It is the most durable and resistant product to scratches, warping and other damage. Wedding rings made of titanium are much cheaper than the same rings made of gold. The only drawback is a colour of titanium- titanium is gray. That is the reason why usually titanium is combining with gold, silver or platinum, and then the results are really interesting.