How to choose the right size of the wedding ring?

wedding-322034_640-1Sometimes it is really hard to choose the right size of the wedding ring. The ring will be in every- day use so must be comfortable and do not pinch your finger. On the other hand, it also can not be too loose, because it could be lost. How to choose the right size?

a. You should choose a ring size by measuring your finger. Theoretically you can measure your finger in your home by yourself using tape- measure. But you should remember that in the case of choosing the ring, there is important to precisely measure every millimetre, so it’s better to go to the jewellery store and there choose a right size of a ring.

b. When it comes to buy a ring for woman- it is seems to be much easier. Ladies could take to the jeweller that ring which they already had and which is in the right size. We can ask about wedding ring which will be made according to the same design.